Posted on 6th September 2017

In Jan – Feb 2016 I visited the Canary Island of Lanzarote which was my first time in the Canaries. I was struck by the black volcanic sand and rocks lying all over the island which is used as a building material to make walls and paving. A lot of the coastal footpath walls are made of volcanic rock of dark browns and black colours.

There is a famous artist called Cesar Manrique who lived and painted on the island, and he influenced the architecture of the buildings and the conservation of the island. He created a Cactus Garden which I visited and he also built a house down underground in old lava bubbles which were created long ago during volcanic eruptions. I also visited the house and was amazed how well he used the natural environment to build his house partly underground, yet the house is full of light from side and overhead window holes!

I visited the Rubicon Marina area which has a famous market attracting tourists. Rubicon is the latin for red which the local volcano is named after. The coastal footpath runs around the island. I also visited some caves with an underground lake which is only noticeable when you throw a stone into it, as the reflection just looks like a large part of the cave at first.

I painted The Coastal Footpath at Playa Blanca and the Rubicon Marina and Market area which is a lively bustling tourist area.

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